Airbrush Makeup Application

  1.   Airbrush makeup application guide. Clean your face! For "older" women, hairs on the face seem to show up out of nowhere as we age, lol! WAX, TWEEZE or SHAVE those hairs off the face! Hair on the face will show using airbrush foundation.   
  2. Clean  your face again! 
  3. Next  and very important protocol of this step: If you have blemishes you wish to hide and use concealer products, apply your concealer BEFORE you apply airbrush make up. Airbrush foundation should cover without any concealer. However, if you do use concealer, it ABSOLUTELY has to be applied BEFORE your airbrushing cosmetic! 
  4. If you have oily skin, dab your kabuki or big powder brush into your "Silica Finishing Powder" and apply it to your face per the "Silica Finishing Powder" Application Instructions page. Apply the same way as if you have already applied your airbrush makeup and setting it with the Silica Finishing Powder.   Now your ready to apply your airbrush foundation for your glam look!
  5. SHAKE MAKEUP for 2 minutes & then place around 6 drops of your color or colors into your airbrush stylus cup. 
  6. Place a finger over the tip of your airbrush gun, tap gun power button a few times to back mix if blending colors. 
  7. Test the color on the back side of your wrist area, holding the airbrush gun at least 4 inches away from skin. (Set your machine to medium force spray to avoid hard spray that may give leather look, due to too much spray at once, causing leather look) If the color is too light, add a drop or two of a darker airbrush foundation into the cup. 
  8. Take a tissue and hold it over the end of the spray gun where the foundation sprays out. 
  9. Press the spray gun trigger to force the air to mix the colors together inside the spray gun cup. (Be sure you placed the lid back onto the cup before you always spray or push the spray gun button!) 
  10. Test the color again on your arm. 
  11. Repeat the adding step until you reach your desired shade of Airbrush foundation.    
  12. Do the same step in reverse (i.e. add a drop or two of a lighter shade if your airbrush foundation is too dark.) 
  13. Remember to tissue the end and place the lid back onto the cup before pressing the spray gun trigger button to mix as well!   
  14. Now that you have your desired airbrush foundation shade, pull your hair back away from your face secured.   
  15. Spray your foundation onto your face, starting from the forehead, working in circular motions, down each side and working in towards the middle, then down the chin, neck and upper chest area.   
  16. MAKE SURE to hold the airbrush spray gun around 4 inches away from your skin.   
  17. IMPORTANT!!!: Hold your breath when spraying around your mouth and nose area. 
  18. KEEP your mouth closed softly! NEVER SQUINT your eyes, but do CLOSE EYES SOFTLY when spraying around the eyes! Let your spray sit for a couple of minutes or use the air from your EMPTY airbrush spray gun to blow your foundation dry/set.   
  19. Repeat steps for heavier coverage. Airbrushing is a layering step process. 
  20. When set/Dry, add a drop or two of your blush / bronzer and highlight the areas you want highlighted.     
  21. Clean you airbrush gun with water, remembering to spray through the nozzle to keep the nozzle clean and free from makeup drying/clogging the spray hole. Also place a tissue over the spray nozzle with the lid on the cup to back wash, then blow out the nozzle again. 
  22. If you use airbrush eye shadows, you can now apply your eye shadow.  
  23. If your finish feels sticky/Dew effect, it is because your skin is not dry and has not absorbed all the glycerin. It is normal because there is ZERO alcohol in the foundations and blush products. 
  24. Alcohol is a common drying agent in makeup.    Don't be alarmed. Use the 100% Silica Finishing Powder by REMOVING SIFTER CAP/DIP BRUSH in the Silica Powder   
  25. Tap Off Excess powder, then dab it all over, then swirl your powder brush in circle motion until it vanishes from white to invisible! It won't dry out your skin either! In fact, 100% Silica Finishing Powder will enhance and help your finish hold up in humid/warm weather too!  
  27. Finish your look with the Lori G Ashley® Setting Spray.   
  28. Clean you airbrush gun again with water, remembering to spray through the nozzle to keep the nozzle clean and free from makeup drying/clogging the spray hole.   Also place a tissue over the spray nozzle with the lid on the cup to back wash, then blow out the nozzle again.   
  29. Finished look should last at least 12 hours. In hot/humid areas of the USA, You may want to apply the Lori G Ashley® Silica Finishing Powder,
  30. AFTER your foundation has dried completely or a few hours later if the set is not staying as you like, as a touch up. Most customer state our makeup lasts 12 hours or more.
  31. Enjoy your beautiful airbrush look!   
  32. (Cheap alternative to commercial airbrush cleaner is NON-ACETONE Nail Polish Remover!)    
  33. See our eBay site for our eBay customer airbrush makeup reviews!